Quanser provides the global standard in transformational engineering labs for Controls, Robotics, and Mechatronics, optimized for the academic setting



QCar / Self-Driving Car Research Studio

Sensor-rich autonomous vehicle

QCar, the feature vehicle of the Self-Driving Car Research Studio, is an open-architecture, scaled model vehicle designed for academic research. Working individually or in a fleet, QCar is the ideal vehicle for validating dataset generation, mapping, navigation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other advanced self-driving concepts.



QDrone / Autonomous Vehicles Research Studio

High-performance drone for indoor labs

The Quanser QDrone autonomous air vehicle is a midsize quadrotor equipped with a powerful onboard Intel® Aero Compute Board, multiple high-resolution cameras, and built-in Wi-Fi. As part of the Autonomous Vehicles Research Studio, this direct-access research-grade drone is tuned to accelerate your research and is ideal for innovative research in multi-agent, swarm, and vision-based applications.



QArm / QLabs Virtual QArm

Modern Manipulator Arm for Robotics Courses and Research

Quanser’s QArm is a 4 DOF serial robotic manipulator with a tendon-based two-stage gripper and an RGBD camera, designed for modern engineering education and academic research applications.



Aero 2 / QLabs Virtual Quanser Aero

Reconfigurable Dual-Rotor Aerospace Experiment for Controls Education and Research

The Aero 2 is a fully integrated aerospace lab experiment. It is designed for teaching controls and introducing aerospace concepts at an undergraduate level with applications for research at the post-graduate level.



QBot 3 / QLabs Virtual QBot 2e

High-performance Autonomous Ground Robot for Indoor Labs

The Quanser QBot 3 is an innovative open-architecture autonomous ground robot, built on a 2-wheel mobile platform. Equipped with built-in sensors, a vision system, and accompanied by extensive courseware, the QBot 3 is ideally suited for teaching undergraduate and advanced robotics and mechatronics courses.



QUBE-Servo 2 / QLabs Virtual QUBE-Servo 2

Low cost teaching platform for controls and mechatronics

The Quanser QUBE™-Servo 2 is a fully integrated, modular servomotor lab experiment designed for teaching mechatronics and control concepts at the undergraduate level.



Rotary Servo Base Unit / QLabs Virtual Rotary Servo / QLabs Virtual Flexible Link

Convenient turn-key modular rotary control lab

The Rotary Servo Base Unit is the fundamental element of the Quanser Rotary Control experiments. It is ideally suited to introduce basic control concepts and theories on an easy-to-use and intuitive platform.



Shake Table II / Link on Quanser Website to all ShakeTable Systems

The Quanser Shake Table II is a mid-size open-architecture single-axis earthquake simulator ideal for teaching structural dynamics, vibration isolation, feedback control, and other control topics related to earthquake, aerospace and mechanical engineering.



3 DOF Helicoptero

Advanced flight dynamics concepts by extending control to three axes (travel, yaw and pitch)

The 3 DOF Helicopter experiment provides a bench top model of a Tandem rotor helicopter. It can be used to understand and develop control laws for a vehicle that has dynamics representative of a dual rotor rigid body helicopter, or any device with similar dynamics.

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