Pixus Technologies

Pixus Technologies is built upon a foundation of a modular line of embedded system and enclosure products incorporating virtually limitless configurations of Rittal brand components.
With superior cooling, advanced backplane design, and strong signal integrity, Pixus leverages a wide range of highly successful OpenVPX, MicroTCA, and AdvancedTCA based solutions chosen by leading companies worldwide.

With a highly experienced team of industry experts, Pixus is taking these solutions to the next generation and is actively involved in the continuous development of leading solutions that surpass all data transfer and cooling challenges.

The Pixus instrument cases and embedded solutions serve the energy, communications, military, aerospace, medical, industrial, transportation, and test & measurement industries.



Chassis Platforms

The Pixus modular design approach allows a wide range of tailored chassis configurations utilizing COTS standard parts. Their comprehensive experience in OpenVPX designs, including versions aligned with the SOSA technical standard, make Pixus the preeminent choice for high-performance chassis platforms




Pixus specializes in high-performance backplane design, including speeds to PCIe Gen4, 100GbE, and beyond! Their wide range of standard and customizable OpenVPX / SOSA profiles includes various versions with VITA 66.x and 67.x interfaces. Backplane simulation services are also available.




Pixus vast array of embedded system chassis platform components in the Eurocard format includes a complete line of components designed specifically for OpenVPX. This includes specialty card guides, panels/filler panels, threaded inserts, rugged rails, and more! The Pixus rugged rail is designed for the high insertion forces of OpenVPX. Their injector/ejector handles feature a rugged metal engagement claw that prevents wear or cracking.



Instrumentation Cases

They offer a vast array of Rittal brand modular electronics enclosures in premier RiCase and versatile Vario styles. The modular approach allows a wide range of standard heights (1U-12U), widths (19”, 9.5”, other), and depths (150mm to 540mm). Rugged Vario Mobile/Railway versions are available.

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