Energy is a complex field with a broad array of concerns, including energy security, environmental and operational protection, system efficiency, distribution system reliability and control, and clean energy technologies.

Energy Applications

Smart Grid

As the population grows and power infrastructure ages, grids and microgrids require dynamic monitoring and control systems that provide processing flexibility to scale distribution, optimize grid assets, and analyze grid performance.

Condition Monitoring for Power Generation

Remote plant sites, hard-to-reach installations, and small reliability teams challenge plant uptime. Using online condition monitoring software, maintenance engineers can find, diagnose, and prioritize problems before traveling to the plant

Power Quality Analysis

Voltage sags and swells, interruptions, harmonics, and high-frequency noise are issues associated with grid applications.

Troubleshooting these problems requires instruments that can take accurate measurements and analysis of power quality.

Power Conversion

As the energy landscape shifts toward renewables, power systems are experiencing a paradigm shift. Power electronic converters must be smarter, more efficient, and more reliable to meet the demands of a complex and distributed power network.
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