What is DIAdem?

DIAdem helps engineers accelerate root-cause analysis through efficient data postprocessing.

With more than 200 DataPlugins, DIAdem indexes your directory for targeted search and retrieval of any data type.

Through predefined and customizable dashboards and reports, you can synchronize data across map, video, and waveform data to see multiple points and get the full picture.

Automate the entire process from import to insight with scripting routines in Python and Visual Basic.

Which DIAdem edition is right for your project?

DIAdem Base

  • 5Search and load data in any file format using DataFinder technology'
  • 5Use standard analysis and visualization objects for inspection and reporting
  • 5Run scripts written in DIAdem Advanced or Professional

DIAdem Advanced

  • 5Use advanced analysis functions such as pattern matching and fast Fourier transform (FFT)
  • 5Synchronize data playback with video files for interactive inspection
  • 5Write scripts to automate common workflows and customize the DIAdem environment

DIAdem Professional

  • 5Recommended for comprehensive analysis and reporting tasks
  • 5Execute complex analysis functions such as order tracking, circle regression, and extended classification
  • 5Represent complex data sets using waterfall plots, maps, and 3D models

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