As product complexity increases, you need a platform-based approach to meet your schedule, quality, and cost expectations for test.

Electronics Applications

Electronics Functional Test

Test engineers must build performance- and cost-optimized systems while developing quickly to meet demanding new product introduction (NPI) schedules.

When building or buying a test system, remember that the best solutions scale to meet escalating requirements, simplify development, and improve sustainability

Automated Design Validation and Verification (V&V)

Shorter design cycles reduce the time available for validating and verifying design requirements. Test engineers need flexible and efficient solutions to help them confirm complex designs on time and with confidence.

Interactive Benchtop Test

Strict time-to-market deadlines make it vital to efficiently debug and validate product designs. Virtual instrumentation provides a unified interface that gives engineers an advantage over traditional box instruments

Mechanical Component and Durability Test

Mechanical engineers work with a variety of sensors, chambers, and fixtures to validate product designs. Using flexible data acquisition systems known for quality, you can better manage change to stay on time and on budget.
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