Academic and Research

In today’s laboratories, lecture halls and dorm rooms, time to understanding and discovery has never been more critical.

In today’s laboratories, lecture halls and dorm rooms, time to understanding and discovery has never been more critical. Researchers use the NI platform to push the boundaries of discovery. They are driven by the grand challenges humanity faces and the economic and technical trends that are revolutionizing wireless communications, transportation, and energy.

Engineering educators are preparing students to become the innovators of tomorrow. This requires engaging, hands-on curriculum that inspires students and puts theory into practice. NI partners with education experts to develop the right tools to help students understand problems and build real solutions faster than ever. Take NI hardware and software into the lab or classroom to accelerate discovery.

Research And Teaching

Academic Research

Researchers and scientists are rapidly accelerating discovery at the pace of innovation using the NI platform for measurement, control and design.

Teaching Controls and Mechatronics

Prepare students for multidisciplinary problems in automotive, aerospace, and Internet of Things applications with a project-based approach for controls, sensors, actuators, and mechatronics systems.

Teaching Wireless Communications

Bring experiential learning to communications by providing visibility of real-world signals to help students understand abstract theory while preparing them for research and emerging trends like 5G.

Large-Scale Experimental Research (LSER)

Scientists need higher particle energies and plasma power to conduct large-scale, groundbreaking research. Customizing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems enables engineers to build unique measurement, diagnostic, and control systems that are highly available and cost effective

Teaching Circuits and Electronics

Analog, digital, and power electronics theory is foundational to engineering curriculum. Build improved understanding and projects with an approach that goes from theory to simulation to experimentation.

Teaching Measurements and Instrumentation

Through an understanding of measurements, students can visualize and analyze the performance of engineering projects and systems. Build a foundation for improved student understanding with an educational approach where students can easily acquire and automate measurements.
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